Rebid of Phase II Site Improvements for May Park Soccer Complex

Project consists of: Athletic soccer field renovation including chain link fencing, grading field soil amending, drainage system installation, irrigation system installation, top dressing, and turf establishment.
Re-Bid Documents (click to expand/collapse)
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Name Size
001-Coversht Ph II-Layout1 1.7 MB
002-General Notes Ph II-1-General Notes 372.1 KB
003-Field Renovations Ph II-1-Exist Cond Plan 1.1 MB
004-Field Renovations Ph II-2-Layout Plan 30 1.5 MB
005-Field Renovations Ph II-3-Fence Layout 30 708.9 KB
006-Field Renovations GD Ph II-4-Grading Plan 30 1.0 MB
007-Field Renovations GD Ph II-5-Grading Plan 30 1.7 MB
008-Field Renovations GD Ph II-6-Drainage Plan 30 867.5 KB
009-Field Renovations GD Ph II-7-Drainage Plan 30 1.1 MB
010-Field Renovations GD Ph II-8-Erosion Control 30 852.1 KB
011-Field Renovations GD Ph II-9-Erosion Control 30 833.9 KB
012-Field Renovations Ph II-10-Irrigation Plan 30 883.5 KB
013-Field Renovations Ph II-11-Irrigation Plan 30 957.9 KB
014-Field Renovations Ph II-12-Details 760.9 KB
015-Field Renovations Ph II-13-Details 898.1 KB
016-Field Renovations Ph II-14-Details 820.2 KB