Public Jobs

Bids due in 34 days
6/8/21 2:00 pm
Renovation, Improvement, and Repairs to MHA High Rise at Barry Towers and Venson Center
Memphis Housing Authority
700 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38105
The Project consists of the removal and replacement of kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures and components, vent hoods, cabinets, flooring, drywall, ceramic tile, lighting installation, electrical upgrades, mechanical and plumbing upgrades, installation of doors and windows, etc.
Bids due in 28 days
6/2/21 12:00 pm
62939 - City of Memphis Sledge Ave Generator Project
Allen and Hoshall
1049 Sledge Ave. Memphis, TN 38104
This repair to the floodwall gate jamb will lower the mobilization elevation for interim protection during construction. An Interim Protection Plan and closure milestone elevation are included in the design. The existing stop logs and procedure shall work sufficiently after repair is completed and gate returns to service
Bids due in 27 days
6/1/21 2:30 pm
72314- Lewisburg High School Track Resurfacing
Allen and Hoshall
1755 Craft Road Olive Branch, MS 38654
The project consists of resurfacing the existing Lewisburg High School Track surface
Bids due in 7 days
5/12/21 2:00 pm
Bartlett PD PSAP Renovation
Fleming Architects
3587 Altruria Road, Bartlett, TN 38135
The Project is briefly described as follows: Provide all labor, materials, tolls equipment and series for renovation and improvements to an existing building complete in every detail ready for use as specified herein and/or indicated on the contract drawings and specifications.
Tom Lee Park - Early Site Package
Montgomery Martin
Riverside Dr., Memphis, TN 38103
Bulletin 8 provides documentation for the early site work as part of the Tom Lee Park project including demolition, grading, drainage, EPSC Phase 1-3, post-construction runoff control, traffic control, park electrical, park plumbing, and landscape soil design. In addition, new and revised specifications are included in this bulletin.
Bids due in 20 days
5/25/21 2:30 pm
Electronic bidding
Big River Market
516 Tennessee St., Memphis, TN 38103
Selective demolition, renovation, and addition to an 1862 sf. tenant space.
Bids due in 16 days
5/21/21 2:00 pm
63073 - DCS Southaven Middle School Restroom Addition
Allen and Hoshall
899 Rasco Road, Southaven, MS 38671
The project consists of renovating one existing classroom into two restrooms.
Bids due in 16 days
5/21/21 2:30 pm
63071 - Hope Sullivan Elementary School and Southaven Middle School Flooring Project
Allen and Hoshall
Hope Sullivan Elementary School – 7985 Southaven Cir. W., Southaven, MS 38671 & Southaven Middle School - 899 Rasco Road W, Southaven, MS 38671
The project consists of installing new flooring at Hope Sullivan Elementary School and Southaven Middle School
Bids due in 15 days
5/20/21 2:00 pm
Electronic bidding
Fire Station Annex Building
City Of Gilt Edge
Bids due in 8 days
5/13/21 10:00 am
Hatley Road Over Ballard Branch
Benton County, TN
2 @ 14' x 7' Reinforced Concrete Bridge, 90° Skew